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Mauch Chunky

Mauch Chunky

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1005 Eggplant
1007 Strawberry
1011 Pinenut
1012 Butternut
1015 Plum
1017 Cucumber
1018 Spice
1019 Sweet Corn
1020 Pink Lemonade
1022 Mint Julep
1023 Spearmint
1024 Cotton Candy
1025 Grape
1026 Apricot
1028 Huckleberry
1029 Juju Fruit
1030 Rhubarb
1034 Marble
1036 Sage
1038 Pomogranate
1040 Panzy
1041 Granite
1042 Poppy
1046 Limeade
1047 Petunia
1050 Forsythia
1052 Caliente
1054 Lilac
1055 Moss
1056 Vibrant Green
1004 Portobello
1016 Blue Raspberry
1044 Butterscotch
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Mauch Chunky is a single-ply yarn made of 60% New Zealand wool and 40% domestic wool. It currently comes in 56 different colors and we keep adding more! The colors marked with an * are made by blending different colored roving which adds depth and a heathery quality to the yarn. If you love playing with color, Mauch Chunky is a fabulous choice.

Like Naturally Nazareth, Mauch Chunky was created with felters in mind. It felts beautifully and easily. But it certainly isn't limited to felted items, garments made from Mauch Chunky are warm and perfect for winter weather. Whatever you choose to make, Mauch Chunky will deliver beautiful colors and warmth. Made in the U.S.A.

3.5 oz skein / 100grams
120 yards
US Needle Size: 10
3.5 sts per inch
14 sts per 4 in gauge

Spun in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
Hand Wash.  Dry Flat.

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