If you’re a people person, and you are looking for a few job positions, both usual and unusual, then we have you covered…!


  • A receptionist at a company – in all senses, if you happen to be selected for this job, then you will be considered the “face” of your company. the company’s customers and clients will get their first impression on the company through you, so it’s vital that you give them a good impression. In fact, researches show that companies that have pleasant and efficient front desk staff happen to have happier clients and customers¾and said clients and customers are more patient if so as well. Being informed, being diplomatic and being polite are all important for someone seeking this job position.

  • A taxi driver – now, we understand that you might feel this is not much of a job. Especially with so many taxi drivers up and around now-a-days. However, if you happen to be looking for a part time job (like if you are a student who cannot work full time), or are looking for an additional income apart from the permanent job you have, then this is a brilliant idea. Consider joining a local taxi hailing service. In most cases, any vehicle will do to join. And all you need to do when you’re busy is go off line…!


  • A bus driver – if a taxi isn’t enough people to keep you happy, consider driving a larger vehicle. Obviously, for this, you will have to have special training. After all the lives of several people are on your hands at the same time. each country’s rules in regard to public transport drivers are different. For example, if you live in Singapore, then you need to find out all he details and rules regarding getting bus driver jobs in Singapore.

  • A teacher – if you’re looking to shape the world in your own little way, then the best way to do so is by changing someone’s life. And the most effective way to do so, is by teaching them something. If you want to make a career out of this, then we suggest you consider becoming a teacher. Obviously, it takes time to become a qualified teacher, and you must have the talent for it¾but it is not, by any means, an impossible job position to reach.


  • A sales representative – when it comes to a business, have a good sales representative who has a talent to sell the products the promotes by any means is a great asset. The right sales rep will understand the customer’s wants and needs, and pitch his sale accordingly. This is a career that has a lot of scope for growth, as you can start from this position, and move higher in the ladder of careers.

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