A trip is a sort of relief from the tight schedule that you’ve been working around. having to enjoy such an experience with a group of people would b the ultimate mode of fun, entertainment, relaxation and adventure. But, getting there? Now that is the hard part. Planning a group trip is not easy. Specially, with the different preferences, choices and all. To simplify such a stressful task, we’ve got some great tip. Find what they are by reading the rest of the article.



First things first, who is going to come and who is not going to come. Select a time frame where everyone is on vacation. This is, of course, something almost impossible. So, the best way to get the time frame right is by selecting a period where a large portion of the group is on vacation. That way the rest can take leave for a few days. Send out invitations via email or simply create a group on a social media site like whatsapp. That way you can communicate with one another easily.




After you are done with the confirmation, select a destination. Now everyone would have different ideas and all. Pitch them all together and look into the adventures, fun and entertainment you can gain through them. Also, make sure you check the budget and the costs of the locations as well. To make it more simple, create  pros and cons list or ask each one to select their top three. The one with the most votes will win.




Ditch the cars and hire a vehicle big enough for all. You will get to have fun on the way as well. Look for bus services Singapore and search for the rates they offer. Find what best suits you and rent it out.




This ought to be fun. Select some daring activities along with some calm ones. For example; if you are going to a mountain area, go hiking and camping. You can have a bonfire and share some great stories while creating lasting memories. Ask for everyone’s opinions before you book the activities.


Food and drink


Look for the preferences of one another. People tend to be very picky when it comes to food. You can check for the services provided by the place you are hoping to rent and tally it with the preferences. Make sure everyone has something they like. No one can enjoy anything with an empty tummy.

These tips will surely make your group trip planning less stressful in turn giving you a time to relax before the trip as well.

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