You may have decided to live on your boat and prepared it fully but now, you need to find a proper place to dock and live. It is a difficult you got to make, that will affect your living conditions. The environment and living conditions change from place to place and hence you need to consider all your options before you make your choice. So here are a few of them.

  1. Marinas

Marinas are specially designed harbours to dock pleasure boats and yachts. There are many marinas all around the world, however not all of them allow you to live on your own boat as you liveaboard diving Palau Micronesia. Some marinas are designed just for you, providing you clean bathrooms and other amenities for a comfortable stay. You will meet good neighbours, who have chosen your lifestyle too. The dock-master and staff are very friendly and will cater to any of your needs on request. Due to its great living conditions, they are hard to reserve and are quite expensive. Liveaboards from all over the world find shelter at these marinas and hence you need to secure your dock space beforehand. Some people move into marinas for a short period while others stay permanently. If you do live there long term, they will provide you with mail services too. Also they might have parking space for your vehicles and supply security to them 24/7.

  1. Mooring field

These are areas that have laid down buoys in the bay so that boats can hook up to them and live permanently. When marinas are not available, you can come to mooring fields rather than being liveaboards at anchor on the coast since that usually is against the law. You cannot anchor at anyplace you like. Some exclusive mooring fields offer water taxi services to bring you back and forth. They also provide laundry services, internet, clean bathrooms and places to hangout during your evenings. They are also way cheaper than marinas. One disadvantage is that you cannot go to land as you please; you need to wait for a water taxi or take your dinghy. These taxis are not around all the time since they cost more and hence you need to get everything done on shore in one going.

  1. Free anchorage

Anchorage is an area off shore that is safe for a ship to anchor. Usually most countries don’t allow it but some do. You can anchor in the area for free; however it has its disadvantages. You will have no place to anchor your dinghy while you are at shore, you will have to make several trips up and down to supply yourself with food and water, you will have to install solar panels to generate electricity too.


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