Enjoying a vacation abroad amidst good food, new peoples, adventurous locations and thrilling experiences is more than perfect. This is every person’s dream. If you want to travel, you will definitely put Singapores on the list of destinations. What’s not to see in Singapore? Its rich culture, relish dishes, a whole new experience that one must try. Adding to this is the fact that it is quite cheap compared to many other destinations. But, when it comes to accommodation and all, it can be a little bit expensive. So, how can you save the bank but also get the best out of your trip to Singapore? Want to know the answer? Well, continue reading to find out.



As mentioned earlier, the place you stay can be a bit expensive. But if you are smart enough, you can actually get a good rate. First of all, look for discounts and special offers. During the off season the rates can be super low. So, try to select such a time period. You can also look for cheaper sites. Compare the prices to select what is better. There are also places where you can go and stay with a host family for a small time. This way you won’t just find a place to stay but you will get the whole Singaporean lifestyle experience. You can find locations on sites like airbnb.




A huge mistake many tend to do is a hire taxis, cabs or so. Why need a luxurious ride when you can enjoy something more Singaporean. If it is a large group of people and you tend to travel a lot you can go for bus rental in Singapore. Using public transportation can also save a ton of money.

Food and shopping


In many countries there is a huge margin between the prices offered to tourists and to the locals. To avoid wasting extra money, look for areas where locals shop and eat. You will find really cheap rates. Also, ditch the hotel dinners, fancy restaurants for the street food. Not only will you be saving a huge pile of cash but you will get the chance to enjoy plenty of dishes for a very very small cost.


Now these are just a few simple tips on how you can save your budget when traveling to Singapore. Always be smart enough to compare the prices and look for cheaper options. Cheap doesn’t mean its low in quality. You will be enjoying so much while saving your money.



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