Your usually cannot wait till the weekend, however once it’s here, you become clueless as to what you need to do to spend your weekend well. Sleeping in the whole weekend might be the best option that comes to mind, however you can do better things that will help make some good memories.  So here are some easy but fun ideas on how to spend your weekend.

  1. Go on a romantic date

When was the last time you headed out on a proper date with your man? Probably a long time back. So take this opportunity to go out for dinner. Pick out a classy Italian restaurant Singapore, dress up and go out. Make your reservations a few days prior so that you can get the table of your choice. Later, you can have a long romantic walk along the beach or just on the streets. It’ll help you rekindle your relationship since you have hardly had time for each other.

  1. Weekend trip

You might be saving up for a long tour in Europe, however if you wait till you collect enough funds for it, you sure will be missing out on the little fun trips you can take. Pick a destination not so far from home, pack your stuff and drive away with your family or take a budget airplane. These little trips can be memorable than the bigger and lavish ones. You can look for cheap deals online with package offers that include fun activities for everyone in the family.

  1. Volunteer

Nothing feels better than when you help someone out. Look for local organizations that welcome volunteers. Join in with their projects and you can make new friends too. You can easily get their details online. If you like, you can even volunteer at the local library or even at any orphanage or elders’ home that you prefer. If you have a creative talent such as painting, dancing, singing or instrument playing, take it along with you so that you can have a good time with the kids or elders.

  1. Give a home-makeover

If there have been some repairs to do around the house, your weekend is the best and of course the only time you have, to get it done. Also, clean the house and do some rearranging. Move the furniture around, change the paintings, make your own decorations such as hand-painted vases or candle stands etc. It will give your home a new and fresh look, than the same old boring setup. You can even sell some of the old stuff and get new items for your home to upgrade.

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