As a tourist, there are things you might have to be aware of before you make that vacation to Egypt, in order to ensure a safe stay with no harm to anyone at all. Egypt is known to be the home to the only standing monument out of the 7 wonders of earth. Given below are some things to take note of;

Cannot drink tap water

The water in Egypt has standards way below average which is why all tourists are requested to purchase bottled water even if it is simply to brush teeth. The reason for the discouragement of using tap water is due to the poor filtering mechanisms practiced around the country, so drinking water would cause diarrhea, Beware!

No road rules

The driving in Egypt is like being in crazy town. There are barely any traffic lights or road signs, so you can imagine a hundred horns being honked at the same time, and everyone trying make their way through the oncoming traffic. Crossing the road can be quite a nightmare as well, but because the native drivers are accustomed to pedestrians crossing it can be managed.

Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated

Heat is quite concern while you are in Egypt. Many tourists get heat strokes and sun burns due to improper preparation. Therefore, be sure to drink a lot of water and wear a hat and sunscreen.

Be concerned about the culture

Since Egypt is a Muslim country, there are certain rules expected to be followed within the nation, tourists are excused but it is always better to respect the religion and the culture while you are there. You can find out more through the Egypt tour packages on whether or not casual attire is allowed when visiting places.

Carry toilet paper and sanitizer

As mentioned earlier, they have below standard filtering techniques. Similarly, the public restrooms lack soap and paper in each one of them, so carrying sanitizer and toilet paper will only do you good and keep you safe too.

You might see guns

There is a possibility you will see guns, but it is quite normal in Egypt and it is only to ensure safety purposes and nothing more.

Beware of all of the points given above, they will help you stay on top of the line and keep you safe from getting carried into an emergency room in the case of a heat stroke or diarrhea. Be mindful of attire and culture during your stay in Egypt in order to prevent offending anyone.

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