Are you planning your honeymoon? When it comes to your honeymoon n you wish to have the best of all things. It is therefore only fitting that you carefully plan out how you want things to happen.

Here are some tips that will help you out in planning the best honeymoon!

Discuss with your partner

You need to discuss with your partner the possible destinations that you would both like to go to. It is very important that you both discuss what you would both like to be doing in your honeymoon. For instance, some would be more interested in having an adventurous honeymoon with mountain climbing and hiking on the list. Whilst some others will find a beachy resort a more fun destination. Therefore depending on both of your likes and preferences choose a probable destination.

Book through a travel agent

It is best that you choose a travel agent that is reliable for your honeymoon. You need to always give top priority to your safety. Especially if you are planning on traveling to a country that you have never traveled before, then it is best that you travel through a travel agent. As that will ensure safety and they will also be able to guide you on all the available events and activities and help you plan out your honeymoon according to your convenience. It is best that you spend a tad bit more and book through a travel agent rather than traveling a lone.


Make sure to plan every detail

Make sure that you plan everything to the minutest detail. It is very important that if you want your honeymoon to be the best period of your life, that you plan everything. From the lunches to the dinners, to how each day is going to go down should be planned. Of course you can have spontaneous, spur of the moment plans but by having everything well planned, chances are that you will not go wrong. And more importantly you’ll might have a fun and exciting time! Even if you decide to simply spend quality time at a quality luxury hotel in powai  it is best that you have a rough plan on how you are going to be spending your time.

Have a proper budget


One of the most vital things is to have a proper budget planned. Because you never know the sudden expenses that you may have to encounter. Therefore, plan ahead for all the sudden spending that may incur and also make sure that you have enough for your life after honeymoon as well!



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