Asia has one of the most well preserved artifacts and culture in the world! When you go to Asian countries, you will be able to experience not only their development through time, but also their cultures that are still being practiced ‘til today. One of the best countries in Asia has got to be Singapore.

The country is considered to be one of the fastest developing countries in the world in terms of economy, and the people are just simply amazing and well disciplined. I love food as much as I love travelling. I was able to experience Singapore, and while doing so, Singapore made me experience Asia. I was able to dine almost all Asian cuisines, every food that went through my mouth was just full of bliss, except for food that are spicy, I just don’t really understand why people enjoy it but that’s for a different topic. Bottom line is Singapore is one of the countries that I would surely go back to visit.

Bored of flying

Yes, going to Singapore was really a great experience for me, but then I realized that on my way there through plane was boring. Let’s admit it, the only exciting part about riding an airplane is the take-off and the landing, other than that, nada. I really want to go back to that country but different the next time I do so, I want to experience arriving there knowing that the trip on my way was a taste of what’s next to come. What I did was research, looking for the best way to go there that fits what I was looking for without breaking the bank. Then my friends recommended to try on Aegean paradise cruise Singapore, which I did, so now I have a mode of transport, I just need some pocket money.

Delayed Flights

For frequent flyers, delayed flights are one of the worst! You’re time gets wasted for over an hour or so, and you just can’t find anything amusing to do in airport. Of course, benefit of the doubt be given to the control center, it maybe traffic, or some double checking the technical components of the airplane, and whatnot. So I realized, why not go and use a ferry for a change. I’m sure to find entertainment within the ship if there are any delays, right? And besides, when it comes to booking a cruise, it’s also as easy as booking a flight. And when it comes to going back to Singapore, I just really want all throughout my journey to be entertained, relaxed, and worry-free.

Our next adventure is perceived to be in our destination, but why not make the adventure start the moment we set foot on the transport vehicle? I would surely agree to that, because we should start our vacation by making our journey part of it.

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